“Slum street, a place where sorrow and desire mingle together. Around this corner, down a back alley, there lives a man rumored to
have the ability to bring the dead back to life, a necromancer.”


When I read those words I had a feeling Necromancer would be a manga worth reading. Indeed, I was not disappointed. The manga, Necromancer, draws one in immediately with a tale of horror leading to the
entry of Asutsuo Johann Faust, Slum Street’s necromancer. Despite being only 18
he is a powerful necromancer who will fulfill your desire provided you follow a
simple set of rules and heed his warning.



      For you to revive a loved one requires a ‘devil’s contract’
meaning three years of your life taken and given to the one revived. Those three years play a definite role in how the stories of the manga unfold. Most of all is the warning given: “A soul restored using Necromancy, has a much
stronger heart than in their past life, which strengthens their desires.” Be wary of what you choose because you may find your newfound joy turning to pure horror.
    I would have enjoyed the Necromancer, to a point, if the whole manga consisted only of these tales of horror when treating death so lightly. However, there is far more to the necromancer than his work in reviving the dead. Asutsuo’s story is more fascinating than the demons unwittingly brought back. He is the black to the white of Ricott, the young police investigator, who is trying to ‘rehabilitate’ the necromancer. Unknown to her she is at the center of this tale of sorrow and redemption.


        When Asutsuo, and his family’s contracted demon, Stolas find themselves once again pursued by the overly zealous church of Magdala, Ricott will be drawn into the fray. Her forgotten past draws you into the story as the revelations of the last necromancer, ‘Mary Magdalene,’ and a corrupt religious organization bent on destruction come to light. With a bone-eating demon named, Knochenfresserin,
hungry for ‘baby Faust’s’ soul adding to the mayhem, you will be enthralled in
this horrifying manga tale.
Manga Details to Know:

Name(s): Necromancer; Nekuromansa

Author(s): Soga Shina

Artist(s): Soga Shina

Genres: Horror, Shounen, Supernatural

Chapters: 20

Average Pages per Chapter: ~30

Status: Complete

Anime: No