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As the God of Death Dictates

Sixteen year old Ayumi has one month left to live.

Knowing it she finally has the courage to confess her love to long-time crush, Musashi. Now she´s in love but the grim reaper sent to take her away has other plans. He´s obsessed with this unusual girl and no human boy is going to stand in the way. Can Ayumi´s love last or will her heart be stolen away by Shiro? Will thirty days be her last chance at happiness?

My Review (Part 1)

Grim-reaper tells Ayumi the bad news

Six months ago a good family friend was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Medically most pancreatic patients pass away in less than six months; rarely do they live a year. The horrifying idea of counting down your final thirty days is terrifying. Ayumi´s own accidental discovery of knowing you are living on limited time struck home.

I thought this manga would merely be a girl living life

to the fullest in thirty short days. As the God of Death Dictates completely surprised me. Her story was proof no life is ever so simple. You need to have more than courage to keep an open heart and still be yourself. Ayumi is proof a person´s self can be powerful enough to change fate.

The Characters

Ayumi Maki is a love-struck sixteen year old. She is naturally open-hearted, compassionate, and feels for others. When a grim reaper tells her about the thirty days she has left, Ayumi makes a change becoming more outspoken in her affections.

Musashi Hiroe is a classic teenage boy. He doesn´t give off the clearest of signals and struggles to understand Ayumi. Musashi is often jealous to the point of being hurtful. Genuinely caring for Ayumi he tries to ´solve´ the grim reaper problem. When his first method fails he continues to promise he will protect her from harm.


Grim Reaper (Shiro) claims to be emotionless over his job. Yet he cries over taking the soul of a cat. He becomes dangerously obsessed over Ayumi who brings out the curiousity in him for human feelings. Shiro can be extremely childish. He wants his way. When Ayumi stands up to him, Shiro is forced to consider what it means to feel for another.

The Art
Ayumi´s looks in the first chapters reminded me of a

Ayumi is awkward here

drag queen just beginning. The overly large lashes made the eyes comical and odd. Her face was awkward and her body boxy. The ´pretty´ men around her made her looks stand out for all the wrong reasons. Then something changes a bit. Ayumi gets a bit toned down. She becomes far more beautiful with far less.

I love the light beams. The soft shading makes me happy.

The manga´s overall feel is one of a romance. I love the shading of the background. There is a softness to it. Light is such a central part of this story it seems only natural it be that way. I do wish the artist had taken a bit more time on Shiro´s clothes. He is such a pretty face but I get distracted by Near type pajamas.

My Review Part 2
I enjoyed this manga so much because it had a

Jealous Shiro threatens to kill Musashi if Ayumi doesn´t comply

storyline more than a girl living life to the fullest in thirty days. You had three very different character types locked together over one girl who first seemed so average. I liked the romance. I loved that Ayumi didn´t get locked into a freaky love triangle. She got distracted but stood strong even when her man acted like a d-bag.

My wish for this manga would be it had expanded a

Who are you grim reaper pajama boy? We want more!

bit. The was the author´s first two part manga which made me very proud to see. You really got a storyline in those two volumes which some mangas fail to do in thirty volumes. I just wished it could have given us a bit more on Shiro. He is so central and gets rushed towards the end. You find yourself wondering more about how his journey happened.

To the Reader


Romance lovers open your heart to As the God of Death Dictates. This is a manga which has love at its heart. There is a definite romance and even a love triangle at times. The manga is relatively short but what you get is a full love story. I do not know if Ayumi´s love will last a lifetime. She is only sixteen but what is happening at that moment is worth risking a read.


Where do we go when we die?
Ayumi may find out

Supernatural lovers might be surprised to find I recommend this to them as well. I have a fascination in the way mangas view death. This author´s idea is one which takes a turn from the usual view of death I see in manga.

Final Score: 7.9


Name(s): Kamisama no Iu Toori; As the God of Death Dictates; Как велит Бог Смерти; 神様の言うとおり; 神的预言好准
Author(s): Mimori Ao
Artist(s): Mimori Ao
Year: 2002
Genre: Romance, Drama, Supernatural, School Life
Chapters: 8
Status: Complete
Anime: No

Samurai Champloo

Former waitress Fuu has enlisted the help of two body

guards on her search for ´The Samurai who Smells of Sunflowers.´ Mugen is a free spirited mercenary with a champloo fighting style. Jin, a deadly samurai, seeking a reason to fight. Together they are outrunning the law in a wild journey of hilarious adventures and death battles.

My Review (Part 1)

No compensation. No plan for finding this samurai.
How did you get these bodyguards to stay?

Samurai Champloo came about in an unusual order. The anime was created before the manga but the manga was released first. Samurai Champloo’s beginning almost matches the anime’s first episode. Perfect for me since I just watched the series. My mental critique of the anime´s episode one sums up chapter one.The beginning throws the reader into exciting sword scenes but lacks on details about the manga. Fuu somehow ropes the two into being her bodyguards without ever giving a clear picture of what she is searching for. It’s difficult to understand just why two fighters would agree to put their lives on the line to find a ‘Samurai who smells of sunflowers.’

The Art
Samurai Champloo exemplifies many excellent manga

styles of the 2000s. The characters are well-drawn in

proportion. The artist has the skill to give movement to a figure without appearing static. You could go on about the many things done ‘right’ in the drawings. The problem isn’t in the skill. Samurai Champloo is well drawn. The issue is how cliche the drawings are.


I´m seeing a blend of Uryuu & Komui & Etc

Jin is the worst victim of this artistic conundrum. Hislook is standard at best. The addition of glasses may have been an attempt to help him stand-out but give him more of a Komui feel (D Gray Man) then anything unique. His look feels half-finished. Maybe a longer ponytail or better bangs or slight fashion change could draw him from fading into bland.

Mugen is the one character who rises above the usual.

He cannot be summed up as a single character

Mugen wins for artist looks in Samurai Champloo

reference because his look is his own. There is a refreshing breeze about him. His wooden clogs, narrow features, crazed hair, and motley mix of fashion feels imaginative in Samurai Champloo. The artist put Mugen’s essence into his look and it worked.

Samurai Champloo does have a unique twist to its´ art. In chapter 9 the artist´s brother takes over in Samurai Champloo. Comparing the two I prefer the original artist. The brother has obvious skill in imitating his work. My issue is it comes off more hurried with less detail in the fight scenes. Although I do think the woman are much prettier in the final arc then before.

The Characters

My Review (Part 2)
The fascination of Samurai Champloo lies in its’ main

All time Favorite Character wanted poster

characters rather than suspenseful storyline adventures. To many minor characters with to little explanation leads to more impressive fight scenes than plot lines. I read the manga twice (the second time on mangareader.net) where an editor’s notes gave me a fascinating perspective on the meaning of the characters.

The world they live in is a motley mix of Japanese

That awkward moment when you realize you´ve just gotten Japanese
history and culuture totally wrong.

eras with modern elements laced in. Historically it is hardly textbook accurate. The manga is not trying to be. Japan’s history is a humorous element which takes Samurai Champloo to an interesting place. They make nonsensical out of the historical similar to moments from Gintama’s manga.

The characters remind me of a ‘Gone With the Wind’

Mugen questions Jin´s reserved decision to hold off on useless

example. One character symbolizes the values of the

past, one the current time, and one the future of the manga’s world.Jin is the traditional samurai facing the end of Japan’s samurai era. Jin’s fighting style is reminiscent of tradition. He is the ‘serious’ one, the man facing a crisis of modern era with traditional samurai. Fuu has a more obvious humor than Jin. She is a sign of the times. There are moments where a fiery independent ‘modern value’ woman emerges. Simultaneously she has a feminine traditional ‘damsel in distress’ role. Fuu gets frustrated with Jin but her pain-in-the-ass is Mugen.

Mugen is the one who makes Samurai Champloo rise above a standard Shojen manga. He is the future. No

loyalties to traditional samurai values. He’s a mercenary who is not above murdering for a meal.

Hostage situations? Forget that.

Mugen’s ways are the humor in Samurai Champloo. Jin and Fuu find themselves in bad situations because of Mugen’s random ways. He tries gambling, loses all their money, and pays off his debt with Fuu’s hard work. If a damsel-in-distress is rescued by a random guy he doesn’t thank them. Attacks them for stealing his ‘money opportunity.’ Mugen kept me laughing and guessing. I found myself wishing the manga was devoted entirely to him. Fuu and Jin are add-ons in my enjoyment of Samurai Champloo.

I read multiple manga site versions of Samurai Champloo because it´s ending(?) makes no sense. MangaPark declared it ongoing yet Mangareader listed it as complete. The manga itself has a ´the end´ page but no ending. This might just be because the maker animation Studio, Manglobe, responsible for Samurai Champloo closed in 2015. Maybe a new studio will pick up the rights to the series. No plans for it yet but I really hope they do. Samurai Champloo is sorely in need of a true ending.

Support Samurai Champloo by purchasing the manga

or Checkout the Anime

To the Reader
Samurai Champloo personifies two genres: action and

comedy. Mugen’s completely random style works well to offset Jin’s traditional swordsmanship. You get the best of both. If fist beating is more your taste there is plenty of it. Samurai Champloo’s second draw is comedy. There is the occasional ‘sexual’ humor but it is not the only reason this manga amuses you. Example: Mugen sees Fuu crying. He promises to make the guy pay IF Fuu pays. Mugen even has a chart in ryo amounts how much a kick, punch, and kill will set you back.

Samurai Champloo is only ten chapters. Watching the anime then reading the manga gives me a nasty

Do Check Out the Anime!

suspicion why it is. The manga´s great start fallsapart into disjointed single adventure chapters. Samurai Champloo´s anime is where the complete journey unfolds. The manga gets derailed and left to straggle its way to a complete??!!! ending. ¨Neither can live while the other survives¨ sums up the relationship perfectly. Creators tried working both. They ended with a weak manga whose potential got stunted. Hurts to admit the truth but it had to be said.

Final Score: 5.4


Name(s): Samurai Champloo
Author(s): Watanabe Shinichiro
Artist(s): Gotsubo Masaru
Year: 2004
Genre: Action; Adventure; Comedy; Shonen
Chapters: 10
Status: Complete(?)
Anime: YES


Parasytes have taken control of human brains. They rip apart people with razor sharp limbs feasting on the remains then hide themselves behind a human face. Shinichi Izumi is dragged into this secret war when a parasite burrows into his hand. He´s just become a huge target. The only way to stay alive means relying on his parasite´s deadly skills. Can he stop a murdering invasion without losing his own humanity or are humans doomed to become parasite prey?

My Review (Part 1)

I would cut off my parasite hand too

Shinichi is a normal high-schooler until a parasite attempts to get into his brain. When he blocks the blighter it takes over his hand instead. I completely agree with Shinichi on what he immediately tries to do. I would cut off my hand to get rid of that thing too. The idea of parasites invading the brain is not new (in fact, I was a huge fan of the Animorph series growing up). The idea of a parasite living in a person´s hand, developing its´ own personality, and growing to be a deadly team is far more unusual.

The Characters
Shinichi Izumi is a compassionate young man who is

at the center of a battle between hidden parasites and humans. He closes himself off after worrying people will discover he is the host of a parasite. Shinichi is terrified he will lose his humanity and compassion after having to kill humans who were invaded by parasites. When he finds Migi and him have merged a bit he starts to wonder if he is going to lose his humanity. As the battle between humans and parasites becomes more obvious Shinichi´s confidence in his abilities grows stronger.

Migi is the parasite who failed to invade Shinichi´s brain. Because he takes up residence in Shinji´s hand

Migi studies up on this world

he develops his own personality instead of subduing his host´s. Migi views survival as top priority. He is often confused by Shinji´s moral conflictis and doesn´t understand the need to play ´hero´ if it risks his well-being. Migi often comes up with the tactical plans for the two. He is highly curious and occasionally prone to downright embarrassing Shinichi with his remarks.

Early romance beginnings for Satomi-Shinichi

Satomi Murano is Shinichi´s love interest and childhood friend. She hates how secretive Shinichi has become and often accuses him of not acting like ´himself.´ At the same time she is jealous when Shinichi appears to have another romantic interest. Satomi can act extremely childish when she feels slighted and often plays with Shinichi´s emotions when he won´t answer her questions. Throughout the manga Shinichi and Satomi´s romance runs from red hot to frigid but never completely goes away.

The Art

The ultra cool 80s cig in a leather coat look

I have a weakness for beautiful mangas their sweeping lines, starry eyes, hair with a wind of its own, bloody details, and whatnot. Parasite is not what I typically see as beautiful. There are gorgeous horror mangas and then there are those who are well-drawn just not eye-popping.At first I was off-put by the artistic style of parasyte. The early nineties/late eighties had returned! Of course they had, the manga was published in 1990.

The time explains the outfits but does not answer the

Just to mannish for my taste

obvious question: why do all the women have such mannish features? Instead of the softness, changes in measurements, and facial details which point to the fairer sex their is surprisingly little to distinguish between the two. I hesitate to call all the women ugly. Some of them just look more like a man than a woman. Added to clothes which make gender look neutral you could be forgiven for mistakenly thinking a man had come into play.

The manga´s best moments to see are those where a parasyte takes control of the host body and emerges. The movement is exceedingly well-done making you almost feel the action as a body is decapitated. Migi takes admiring as his form is so unique. He can be near hand-like then suddenly transform completely. He´s the ultimate weapon with a brain of his own. Hands together for such an excellent work of art. I loved it.

Review (Part 2)
This review took a very very long time in the making

And suddenly we aren´t hungry for humans?

because of 1) laziness and 2) mixed feelings. Initially I really did love Parasyte and had high hopes about it. Then the manga fell out of sync with me. The global chaos initially presented seemed to suddenly be restricted solely to a single part of Japan. Shinichi´s actions were still awesome but got more and more downplayed. In fact the ending was a bit of an overall let down. I just do not agree with the idea of assimilation being done so well on a race of creatures which supposedly chose to dine on humans. Then the whole factor of it being like, ´o well. To bad for the humans taken over just now becoming mindless to a parasite´s whims.´ What is the deal on that? Shinichi, himself, showed amazing growth throughout the manga which did add a definite factor to this piece of work. I still despise his romantic relationship with Satomi as she is ultimately more annoying then admiring. And how they culminate it? Um. Well that was a bit adult suddenly awkward. At least her figure was less mannish underneath then with clothing on.

Would I read Parasyte all over again? The first half of it for sure. The second? Probably not. When it takes three months to get a review of thoughts out on the subject it clearly took back seat priority.

To the Reader

The anime cover

I am glad the anime has brought parasite to the forefront of people´s minds. Far to often older mangas get left in the dust when they should never have been forgotten to begin with. This is a definite manga for those with a taste for action, drama, and suspense. Instead of standard bad vs good you have areas of in-between grays which make one consider just who the enemy always is. Those with a hankering for romance may enjoy the Satomi-Shinichi fantasy idea but don´t bet on it. You are better off looking at the review on Orange Marmalade or 24 Colors for a romantic binge.

Overall Rating: 7.5
Give it a solid read with a grain of salt.


Name: Parasyte; Parasite; Kiseijuu; Parasitic Beasts; Kiseiju
Artist(s): Iwaaki Hitoshi
Author(s): Iwaaki Hitoshi
Year: 1990-1995
Chapter(s): 64
Complete: Yes
Genre: Horror, Suspense, Action, Drama, Seinen, Sci-fi
Anime: YES

Yu-Gi-Oh (the original!)

Yugi Mutou has solved the Millenium Puzzle and gotten his wish. Yami is the spirit of the Millenium Puzzle with a fondness for daring shadow games. Sharing one body the two are about to take on adventures ranging from digital pet disasters to escaping prisoners. No one, not even the vengeful Kaiba, will stop the pharaoh from taking on the ultimate game.

My Thoughts (Part 1)
Netflix had Yu-Gi-Oh! available for streaming so a nostalgic part of me couldn´t help but check it out. There is something mysterious about a 5,000 year old pharaoh inhabiting a Millenium Puzzle who shares a soul with a modern human. I like a great deal of Yu-Gi-Oh! as it feels a tad more mature than other ´Saturday Morning´ animated shows. Maybe that is why it occurred to me I really need to read this manga!

The time before Yami

The manga starts off in the time before Yugi has solved the Millenium Puzzle. Back where he was a regular punching bag for the other kids especially bullies Jounouchi (Joey in the anime) and Honda (Tristan in the anime). After solving the Millenium Puzzle he isn´t even aware he has a whole other personality knocking off evil with shadow games.

Slightly psychotic acting Yami

Yugi´s other half, Yami metes out justice with shadow games. Lose the shadow game and the penalties are severe. Especially when it is handed to you by a smirking, slightly-psychotic, ancient pharaoh in a teenager´s body.

Go with the disclaimer on this game of Yami´s

Unlike the anime Yu-Gi-Oh! (season 1 & onward) the manga has more games than just duel monsters. Games where digital pets battle one another and gangs duke it out with yo-yos. Find yourself on the losing end and risk playing against Yami for keeps.

The Characters

Yugi hates violence. He would gladly take a beating if

Yugi takes yet another beating

it meant keeping anyone (even his own bullies) safe. Yugi is incredibly loyal to family and friends. On the outside Yugi is often treated like a child for his size. He does have a love of games which some might find childish at the same time he is definitely a teenage boy.

Jounouchi is an overconfident hotheaded ´punk´ who

Not much of a friend to Yuugi

begins as Yuugi´s tormentor. He makes a complete turnaround after seeing Yugi protect him. Jounouchi has a bad home life and is always attempting to pay off his alcoholic father´s debts. He cares deeply for his fragile sister but is hesitant to show a ´softer´ side around others. Jounouchi is not afraid to literally fight on Yugi´s behalf (usually winning). He is extremely loyal and self-sacrificing to protect his friendships.

Do NOT mess with Anzu
Anzu (Tea in the anime) is a strong-willed intelligent and attractive childhood friend of Yugi´s. She reopens their friendship after saving him from being tormented (yet again) by Jounouchi and Honda. Anzu often acts as peacemaker of the group.  She is the first to discover Yami (or as Anzu describes him´the cool Yugi). Her feelings are sisterly towards little Yugi but often run into romantic for Yami. 

Honda stands with Yuugi & Jounouchi
against Kaiba in the Death Game

Honda is very vocal on his job in ´beautification´ since Joey is always teasing him for losing out over student council. He takes his role very seriously and is firm in making decisions. He fights with Joey but is intent on their friendship. Honda is loyal but also stupid at times especially when it involves his passionate crush, Miho-chan. When Yugi helps him attempt to win the heart of Miho-chan they come away as good friends.

Kaiba is Yugi´s arrogant rival who becomes obsessed

No expense spared to beat you Yugi!

with beating him. When Kaiba lost to Yuugi he set up an entire theme park just to ensure Yugi´s demise. He overlooks his brother, Mokuba, even betting he will lose to Yugi. Kaiba has a heart (somewhere) but for now it is doing a pretty good job of hiding out. He runs his father´s company with authority and ensures his ownship through any means. I hold out hope for Kaiba. Yugi is going to find a way to reach him.

The Art


I love the way the artist has chosen to depict the most key characters. Instead of drastic changes the artist stays true to the importance of reminding us Yami & Yugi share body and soul. Though they look alike the eyes are done to perfectly set off who it is we are looking for. Stronger angles, sharp eyes, and


an element of supreme confidence defines Yami. Wide, bright eyes, and open is the soft look of Yugi. They are by far my favorite characters to see.

I will say the best manga drawings are during those times when Yami appears. Suddenly everything goes

up about 50 notches. This is where the art most impressed me. I love the expressions on the characters especially Kaiba when Yugi breaks his smug confidence. I wish there could have been more of this style throughout the manga instead of just saving it for the áction scenarios.

Still the final consensus is overall very well drawn which made the season zero anime all the more impressive since it was able to carry the style from paper to screen.

To the Reader
If you enjoyed the Yu-Gi-Oh! anime then definitely give

Grampa Mutou is a bit of an old pervert

the manga (plus season zero) a look. There is a lot to enjoy for those who are comedy fans. Drama is huge as well especially when it comes to tense situations like being held at gunpoint by escaped criminals or captured in a bomber’s game. Romantics can feel free to imagine “shipping” but Yu-Gi-Oh! is more about friendships then relationships.

My Thoughts (Part 2)

I sincerely enjoyed the Yu-Gi-Oh! manga. At fifty-nine chapters it did an excellent job at answering many of my Yu-Gi-Oh! questions while still keeping me entertained. At the end I did feel a bit like it cut off quickly which would be because it continues in the next *series: Yu-Gi-Oh! Duelist´s Kingdom. Which continues on in more series! I started Duelist Kingdom but need to move on with reviews.
And with that here is my final score:
8.73 out of 10


Name(s): Yu-Gi-Oh! (The First Series); YuGiOh!; 遊☆戯☆王; Vua trò chơi; Yuugioh
Author(s): Kazuki Takahashi
Artist(s): Kazuki Takahashi
Chapter(s): 59
Genre(s): Slice of life; comedy; fantasy; action; adventure
Year: 1996
Status: Complete
Anime: Yes (Watch Season 0)

*When published in Japan the manga´s multiple parts were actually all released in the same series. For the rest of us, Yu Gi Oh! is chapter´s 1-59 followed by the next series then the next etc.

Black Wind Pandora

Witches are real beings. Different than humans and hunted by Templars they have been hidden away for

hundreds of years. Kang Woohyun´s best friend begins the revival of the witches. Her death leads to Kang Woohyun being revived by two six hundred year old witches. Witches who are at the center of a death battle between Templars and humans. 

My Thoughts (Half of them)

Witch hunts were the result of a very real fear

I chose Black Wind because the witch theme goes well with Halloween. In real life there are humans who do describe themselves as witches. I was thinking this was what Black Wind meant. Instead the webtoon blew me away with proposing the idea of witches being non-humans. All those witch-hunts of the Middle Ages we dismissed as innocents being killed by superstitions had truth to them. The witch hunters who were able to catch and kill their query did overlook one HUGE detail. In this webtoon witches are more or less able to live forever. They can be revived from their current death state through the blood of a human. The human then is linked to them in a strange relationship where the human cannot die but do not transform into a witch themselves.

Those of you familiar with a book like the Davinci Code may remember the Knights of Templar. In Black Wind the Knights of Templar are also non-humans. They have their own brand of powers used to hunt down witches. If a human gets in the way they get killed as well. The relationship of humans-witches-and Templars are described on the right. Personally I believe we get a shady deal. I get the witches wanting

The human-templar-witch triangle of power

 to kill us in revenge. I can see their angle. The Templars, on the other hand, are supposed to be our Saviors. Yet they don´t think twice about killing a human to keep their existence a secret! I would call them just as much as a risk to humans as the witches. Perhaps more because they definitely fit the bill for psychopathic serial killers. I am on the witches side when it comes to the Templar existence. Take them out before they take us out.

The Characters
The main character is a young man named Kang 

Dana rescues Woohyun from his abusive childhood

WooHyun  who is visiting a childhood friend Dana when chaos breaks out. In the beginning he seems like a happy-go-lucky guy but as the manga goes Woo Hyun´s sad past is revealed. He saw Dana as his Savior. Her death brings out the darker side of him intent on revenge. 

Literal Witch Doormat

Simulatenously he has a great deal of kindness for his new family. Even though Jeanne accuses him of being selfish, beats on him, and treats him like a doormat he never runs out on them.

Jeanne is the witch ´tied´ to Woohyun who was brought back by his blood. Unfortunately her actual

Jeanne explains why she appears like a child

body was swapped with her sister´s. She is pint-size power with an angelic look but devilish temper. Jeanne cares deeply for her sister but remains conflicted over Woohyun´s role in their lives. She is quick to tear him down for being human. Then turns around to guilt him over not treating her sister better. Her sister who had an incident in the past which makes her extremely child-like with zero distinguishable vocabulary. She has a lot of power but acts out to defend those she cares for but doesn´t understand the reality of their situation.

Kyle & Naska

There are numerous Templar characters just like there are other witches as well. Kyle is the highly unusual witch. He is male (clearly) which makes his power work differently. At his side is Naska who is extremely powerful but acts like a bratty younger sister. The two are close in their own way even though Kyle is supposed to be merely the protector. 


Out of all the Templars, Geil is the one first met in battle by a witch. She is a powerhouse. Geil can keep up with witches who are out of most Templars leagues. Her power partly comes from an immense desire to destroy the witches who took away her family. No matter how much damage her body takes she is unwilling to give up. Geil is not just muscle. She is a strategist with a high respect for her ´ḿaster.´   

The Art

Kyle fights the Templars

Black Wind is beautiful in so many ways. I am a very big fan of the artist´s use of colors. The backdrops for fights are often done in rich darker shades which contrast beautifully against the white witch. Pages often have a great deal of white which serves to highlight the scenes shown. Scenes which use colors ranging from soft pinks to sky blues to fiery orange.

The white witch first moments after rebirth

 Templars are typically clothed in dark serious colors befitting their ´intense´ job while witches get clothed in pastels which add a pop of color to this dark webtoon.

Colors aside Black Wind does have

its´ share of artistic difficulties. One of the most noticeable (to me maybe not to everyone) was the look of a character´s movements in battle. They appear ´stiff´ at times like the anatomy of them is not quite right for the action. I will try to explain as

best I can how I think of it. When reading a manga fight scene I get the sense of it being very fluid. One move flows into the  next even though they might be on seperate pages. Part of the character´s ´fluidity´ comes from reading a movement through their whole body language. I look at the picture on the left and love the feel of the characters she cut through. They are in mid-movement but Geil herself is bland. She looks like a poorly posed mannequin. Her whole body hardly fits the scene of someone who just slashed apart a hated opponent. The upper arm is supposed to give an impression of using her sword but it´s just stiff with her lower one looking to floppy to do anything. And the pose of her legs just doesn´t fit

the overall picture. In the webtoon the artist usually does an excellent job on the witch battle scenes making me wonder just why Geil is so awkward in battle. 

My Thoughts (Part 2)
I felt extremely rushed at the start of Black Wind. You get an episode in when suddenly there´s crazy fighting, people are getting annihilated, and no one

Because of you we need more info on plot background please

ever explained just what the hell is going on here?! You feel like you missed a chapter somewhere! Agh. One of my pet peeves in mangas is when they immediately start referencing past events without ever indicating what is this character about right now. Black Wind started out like a freaky flash flood. Suddenly all this information is flooding you without so much as a ´Warning´ Seriously Plot Downpours expected

The rushed beginning evens out further into Black

Tsukune moment? Wimpy human transforms to powerful character?

Wind. Unfortunately once the plot downpours have slowed I got a sense the author had lost enthusiasm for his own webtoon. Sink holes in the plot started opening up all over. The characters are fighting but why? Every ´episode´ started to feel like it was trying to rush getting to the ending. The ending which left me wondering if somehow there were more chapters somewhere or a second ´season´ in the making. For having high hopes at the start of this webtoon I felt pretty disappointed with how Black Wind ended up.

To the Reader
Those who enjoy a manga fight or ten should consider

Black Wind a possible read. You don´t need a real plot

to appreciate the action. Readers interested in webtoon art should take a quick look at what Black Wind has to offer. There is a definite beauty to the white-haired witch. Fans of little girls with lots of sass type humor may go for Black Wind´s later chapters. 

***I´ve decided to give a final rating to all manga I read with 10 being mind stunning amazing and 0 being worse than 24 hours of explosive watery stool.

Final Rating: 6.7


Name(s): 블랙윈드 ; Black Wind Pandora; Black Wind
Author(s): Jay-gyuun
Artist(s): Jay-gyuun
Chapters(s): 39
Genre: Mystery, Drama, Tragedy, Fantasy
Status: Complete (?)
Anime: No
Webtoon: Yes

Bungaku Shoujo to Shi Ni Tagari no Douke

Inoue Konoha became a ´mysterious bishoujo author´
at the age of fourteen who vows to never write again. Amano Tooko is the ´literature girl´ who runs the school´s literature club. After Inoue spots her eating a book she drafts him into the literature club. Every day he writes stories for her to eat until the club´s drop box brings a mystery to their doorway….

My Thoughts

Away from the anime…off to read the manga!!

When you love an anime it makes you wary of reading the manga. I had an extremely bad experience when I did this with Le Chevalier Déon and vowed to be more careful in the future. I was until taking in the lakeview from the house balcony. I felt so lucky to be alive on such a beautiful day I decided, today is the day I want to read Bungaku Shoujo. Read the manga. Not watch the anime. For better or worse I had made the decision. Bungaku Shoujo To Shi Ni Tagari No Douke (wtf? why is the manga name so long) would be read by this reviewer!

*Now readers: Before I begin the nitty gritty of the review I do want to mention the Bungaku Shoujo (anime movie/manga/episodes) are all based on the light novel by Nomura Mizuki. Good translations of light novels are difficult to come by or not accessible so I have yet to read Bungaku Shoujo in its original form. I´m on the hunt just not quite there yet.

Bungaku Shoujo to Shi Ni Tagari no Douke is as unusual a manga as its name´s English translation: A

Konoha reaches the roof to late to stop Miu´s suicide

Literary Girl and a Clown Who Dreamed to Die  In the anime there is a great deal of emphasis on Inoue Konoha´s best-selling novel or greatest embarassment whereas the manga has a much darker undercurrent. Early on you learn Konoha witnessed his closest childhood friend jump from the school roof. In the year before the manga ´begins´ he struggled with himself. He withdrew from his family. Became depressed and refused to write again.

To keep her yokai secret she makes Konoha
the other member of the school literary club

Until one ordinary day he comes across Tooko-senpai under the school´s magnolia tree eating a book. One reason to really love this manga is for Tooko-senpai. I am used to yokai in manga but not one like Tooko. She defines herself as the ´literature girl´ who exists by eating literature. What flavors normal people find in food she tastes in the different authors. To keep her secret she declares Konoha must join the literature club so ´she can monitor him.´

Tooko-senpai´s character is a little bit double-sided.

Konoha first close view of Amano Tooko

In many ways she is a slightly immature high school student with a very large appetite. Then there are times where she appears almost otherworldly in her understanding. She is like a magnet. Pulling Konoha slowly away from his depression to something a lot like life.

If the manga soley focused on Konoha and Tooko-

Let´s talk about S

senpai it would lack the ´spice´ of the movie/anime OVAs. Instead the author adds the element of the unnamed figure known only as S. I love how the character of S is portrayed as we see a figure outline which could be male or female. You don´t know who S is but the assumption is one of these characters has S hidden behind their smile.

From a medical perspective S would be described as

Hiding away who they are so no will find out the monstrous truth

having something akin to schizoid personality disorder. Emotionally detached S feels nothing even his own grandma dies. S doesn´t understand sadness or happiness. You get glimpses of the struggle this character constantly has to hide who they are. They are paranoid of others discovering the real them. After all, isn´t emotion part of what makes us human?

While I really enjoy the element added by S it does

No Longer Human by Osamu Dazai

add an issue. In the manga they refer often to Ningen Shikkaku which was written by Osamu Dazai in the early 1900s. The English translation is literally´Disqualified from Being Human´but usually the book´s title goes by ´No Longer Human.´Before you think this is some obscure book just know it is actually the second best-selling book in Japan. 

I could not find an ecopy but the jist is this: The book is a three part memorandum about a man unable to

allow others to see his true self. In first person he writes of his struggle to keep up a cheerful persona while hiding his own lack of feeling. The recurring theme in the author´s life was suicide so it is in the book. People have wondered if it was Osamu´s will or a type of autobiography of his life. Shortly after he wrote it Osamu Dazai committed suicide.

To appreciate the deeper element of Bungaku Shoujo I had to know the ´jist´ of Ningen Shikkaku. Of course I didn´t get that fact until after reading the manga. Only then could I appreciate just who S was. And the character hiding S inside? The ending brings all the clues together. This manga needs to be read in a whole setting. Not half before dinner + cardiac workout and the second half much later. The manga is a journey into the human psyche which should not be interrupted.

The Art

My thoughts took so long I made a seperate section for those who got tired of me going on about the story. I am a sucker for watercolor which makes Bungaku Shoujo To Shi Ni Tagari No Douke´s color pages a favorite of mine. The soft tones are such a deep contrast to the dark pages of S. I really appreciate manga artists who are not afraid to literally reflect a character´s darkness by flipflopping the regular white background to black. Not every artist does it right but for the character of S who is the darker half of a human did a fabulous job.

The characters themselves are beautifully drawn when being serious or just looking at us with those wide eyes. I love the way th

e hair flows around them especially Amane Tooko whose thin braids are an unusual artistic choice. The reason behind her braids is actually a part of the storyline. The artist chose to give the character Tooko long thin limbs which give a very graceful appearance to her overall figure. She flows from her hair to her delicate fingers.

Now comes the part of Bungaku Shoujo to Shi Ni

I like this look. Bychanging the eyes and
body proportions it totally works

Tagari No Douke´s art I really very strongly disliked. I will not apologize for not being a fan of the ´cutesy chibi´ anger look. There are many mangas where it does work very well and though I will never be a fan, I have to admire the skill display. In Bungaku Shoujo To Shi Ni Tagari No Douke

The HAMSTER face. Brings to
mind my dwarf hamster which
was always biting me. 

I wish they would have stuck with using the change in eye shapes and overall body look to show a humorous change in emotion. Instead they far to often employed the pouty lip-biting puffy cheek face-shot only illustration. It ended up screaming HAMSTER to me.

To the Reader

Bungaku Shoujo To Shi Ni Tagari No Douke has an innocent appearance of a school slice-of-life manga. To the outsider I would say it looks rated E for everyone. Then you begin to read and right away it becomes clear this isn´t a happy mystery. Readers must be aware this manga deals heavily with the element of suicide. I do not know how many of us have been touched by suicide but last year it affected a great deal of people I know. Konoha´s need to understand is a reflection I see in their eyes. Parts of the manga might be triggering to those who struggle with suicide so read with care.

The next point I must make to you readers might be taken as a tad snobbish. This manga is not going to be for those who hate reading. The title has the dead

I never liked The Great Gasby. It would give me heartburn
if I ate it. Especially any pages with Daisy on them.

giveaway ´literature girl´ which means it speaks often about literature. Not the bland grammar stuff you learn in English class. I am talking about Tooko-senpai´s comparisons between literature and flavor. Heck. The Japanese novel Ningen Shikkaku is a huge part of understanding this manga. I will tell you straight up: be prepared to do a bit of reading (even sparknotes if you don´t have time for the complete novel) or lose out on some of what flavors Bungaku Shoujo To Shi Ni Tagari No Douke.

Finally! If you enjoy mystery, psychological, slice of

The movie is my favorite but the OVAS are good too!

life, and survived the above warnings then do check out Bungaku Shoujo To Shi Ni Tagari No Douke. You won´t find action scenes like in Bleach or Gintama nor romance like in 24 Colors but you will find a bit of humor and lots of friendship. And if reading the manga sounds like a bit much check out the movie/Anime OVA. It´s no fairy tale but less dark than Bungaku Shoujo to Shi Ni Tagari No Douke. Happy reading!


Shoujo to Shinitagari no Pierrot; “文学少女”と死にたがりの道化; 文学少女 (文学少女和想死的小丑);
“A literary girl” and a Clown who dreamed to die; “Едно буквално момиче”
и Клоун, който мечтаел да умре (Bulgarian) – See more at:
Shoujo to Shinitagari no Pierrot; “文学少女”と死にたがりの道化; 文学少女 (文学少女和想死的小丑);
“A literary girl” and a Clown who dreamed to die; “Едно буквално момиче”
и Клоун, който мечтаел да умре (Bulgarian) – See more at:
Shoujo to Shinitagari no Pierrot; “文学少女”と死にたがりの道化; 文学少女 (文学少女和想死的小丑);
“A literary girl” and a Clown who dreamed to die; “Едно буквално момиче”
и Клоун, който мечтаел да умре (Bulgarian) – See more at:
Shoujo to Shi ni Tagari no Douke; Bungaku Shoujo to Shinitagari no
Pierrot; “文学少女”と死にたがりの道化; 文学少女 (文学少女和想死的小丑); “A literary girl” and a
Clown who dreamed to die; “Едно буквално момиче” и Клоун, който мечтаел
да умре (Bulgarian) – See more at:
Shoujo to Shi ni Tagari no Douke; Bungaku Shoujo to Shinitagari no
Pierrot; “文学少女”と死にたがりの道化; 文学少女 (文学少女和想死的小丑); “A literary girl” and a
Clown who dreamed to die; “Едно буквално момиче” и Клоун, който мечтаел
да умре (Bulgarian) – See more at:
Shoujo to Shi ni Tagari no Douke; Bungaku Shoujo to Shinitagari no
Pierrot; “文学少女”と死にたがりの道化; 文学少女 (文学少女和想死的小丑); “A literary girl” and a
Clown who dreamed to die; “Едно буквално момиче” и Клоун, който мечтаел
да умре (Bulgarian) – See more at:
Shoujo to Shi ni Tagari no Douke; Bungaku Shoujo to Shinitagari no
Pierrot; “文学少女”と死にたがりの道化; 文学少女 (文学少女和想死的小丑); “A literary girl” and a
Clown who dreamed to die; “Едно буквално момиче” и Клоун, който мечтаел
да умре (Bulgarian) – See more at:

Name(s): 文学少女与想死的小丑; “A literary girl” and a Clown who dreamed to die; “Bungaku
Shoujo” to Shinitagari no Pierrot; Book Girl and the Suicidal Mime;
Bungaku Shoujo to Shi ni Tagari no Douke; Bungaku Shoujo to Shi ni
Tagari no Pierrot; “文学少女”と死にたがりの道化
 Author(s):Nomura Mizuki
Artist(s): Kousaka Rito; Takeoka Miho
Chapter(s): 23
Year: 2008
Genre: Psychological, Drama, Friendship, Comedy
Status: Complete
Anime: Yes (Movie and 3 episodes)
Light Novel: Yes

The Cliff

Stranded on a cliff ledge two friends have only a faint

hope of rescue and a single chocolate bar left. One begs to share. The other is desperate to stay alive at any cost even if it means hoarding it to himself. Lies. A fall. And lone survivor, Dong-Uk , finds the horror on The Cliff is coming for him.

My Thoughts

Survival is all about working together.
 Naked & Afraid is a good example.

This Webtoon freaking scared the hell out of me. I watch a lot of documentaries on climbing, climbing gone wrong, and how the heck did you survive climbing moments. I believe this same scenario (or one very similar) did happen where two people were caught on a narrow ledge desperate for rescue. They didn’t have a chocolate bar but both did survive. The two survived by working together probably why nothing like The Cliff happened at the end.

what the f*** is that?

The beauty of the horror in The Cliff comes from the suspense. There are horror movies where the focus is on gore, blood, etc. Those don´t scare me. Having the suspense of knowing something is coming, something which makes your skin crawl….now that does scare me. The unknown is scary even if you have a huge suspicion of where things are going.

Shades of creepy grey

One of my greatest loves about webtoons has always been their dazzling color. Well. Color is dazzling after you have been through a lot of black & white mangas. The Cliff is not exactly in color. Mostly in a color range of blacks with greys they set the tone of the manga. Shadows work far better than sunshine when you are creating a horror work. 

Not the most memorable of artwork but well-done for this manga

The artwork is not my favorite. I wasn’t overly wowed by the illustrator’s vision. The characters do not stand out. In my mind I can picture the webtoon story but not the character’s faces. They just don’t stand out compared to other webtoon art like that of Orange Marmalade or UndeadEd. To see what I mean check out my reviews on both.

To the Reader

Horror ain’t no fairytale story

I enjoy a good horror manga which is why I highly recommend this webtoon to horror lovers. At 9 chapters (also known in webtoon as episodes) it’s a short read and complete. The other reader type I highly recommend The Cliff for are those who enjoy a show like ‘I Shouldn’t Be Alive’ or other extreme climbing situation horrors. Except don’t forget this isn’t going to have a fairy tale ending. That’s not a spoiler. It’s just common sense when it comes to horror.

Serious advice on reading The Cliff

This is Halloween month so for those outside of the suspense/horror manga genre fans you should consider giving this webtoon a read. Gets you a bit into the spirit of the season or you can do something a bit calmer like get a pumpkin. Maybe take a hay ride? Read this webtoon on a mobile device on a hay ride? Sounds like it could be interesting.


Name(s): The Cliff; ผาหลอน ซ่อนปม; 절벽귀
Artist: Seongdae Oh
Author: Seongdae Oh
Original Publisher: Naver
Year: 2012
Chapter(s)/Episode(s): 9
Genre: Horror, psychological, thriller
Status: Complete
Webtoon: Yes
Anime: No

Namida no Tantanmen (Teary Tantan Noodles)

Worn out by the world a young woman finds comfort

food and solace in a tiny Chinese Restaurant.

My Thoughts
Hands down Namida no Tantanmen is the best oneshot I have read in years. Oneshots have always intrigued me. Most of them are more like tantalizing tastes of a manga’s potential. You read the oneshot then wish for more. Namida no Tantanmen doesn’t leave you with an unfinished sense. For once this oneshot of 41 pages did what mangas with hundreds of pages often are incapable of: it told a complete story.

I cannot remember the last time I read a food manga. Food doesn’t interest me much in reality. In Namida no Tantanmen the element of food is important but adds to the storyline not detracts. Part of the irony of the story is this Chinese restaurant doesn’t actually have any noodles. This is one mystery which goes along with the character’s owners. The wife

who always seems ¨weighed down¨ and a husband hidden behind kitchen walls. They once had a beautiful restaurant but circumstances tore it away leaving it a cruel memory.

The main character in this reminded me so much of many people I know. She doesn’t like her job but like most of us, does it because it is a job. You need funds to survive aka a job even if this job is not your first pick. Strangely it is the troubles of the restaurant which is soon to close which give her a reason to go one with life. To search for something to give purpose to this life. Something unusual to most of us.

Though I believe this oneshot to be one of the best in

my book of reads it’s art was a mix. I love the backgrounds of the city. They remind me of a watercolor. Details indicated by foggy lines give a look befitting the storyline. Mostly the characters are well done except for one detail which drove me insane. Side shots of the main characters face have the angle of the chin off for the rest of the facial details. If this was an artistic choice then I didn’t like it. If it came from being a beginner artist then it needs a bit of modifying.

To the Reader
I loved this oneshot. I truly did and I believe you may feel the same. Now younger readers may not fully get just why this manga rings so true. You haven’t hit the job ages which ends up making so many people completely jaded. Lucky you are living in the bubble which won’t be cracked until the job struggles set in. No offense meant to you but it may strike your fancy more to check out reviews here like Orange Marmalade or Angel Beats or Alive-The Final Evolution. 


Name(s): 涙のタンタン麺 ; Teary Tantan Noodles

Artist(s): Takahashi Tsutomu

Author(s): Takashi Tsutomu

Release: 2014

Chapter(s): Oneshot

Genre(s): Drama, Slice of Life, Seinen

Status: Complete

Anime: No

Subtle Disaster

Webtoon writer, Songshin Ha, is being driven crazy by the noise from upstairs. The battle for quiet begins with a complaint and grows to encompass the whole building. His crazy neighbor next door is fanning a manipulative spark which unleashes the worst in humanity. The final ending is a tragedy no one ever imagined.

My Thoughts

Ha. Just you wait Songshin. This is going to become the building
from noise hell

Subtle Disaster was my webtoon pick simply because it is a scenario most of us who have experienced apartment life can relate to. The noisy people from upstairs who make you wonder just what the hell they are doing to be so loud at 2 am on a weeknight. For Songshin Ha the situation is even worse. He chose the building specifically because it was so far away from the city. Problem is the people he confronts about the noise level end up turning the situation constantly on him. 

This is one of the elements I do love about Subtle Disaster. The constant evolution of what happens when one person decides to return a simple complaint

The nightmare gets rolling with a 500,000 won fine

with unnecessary action. Subtle Disaster provides the extreme scenario where one noisy apartment leads to a place so loud cows in a neighboring farm die from the stress. To make matters worse once money gets involved people become downright evil. Seeing it in the webtoon is a bit like the crazy reflections in reality. Where people do actually hurt or kill for the stupidest reasons (like a teen being to loud).

Is this our reality now? Instead of helping our neighbor sitting back
and finding entertainment in his misery?

The ending of the webtoon felt a bit like a warning. When we are selfish innocent people get hurt sometimes irreversibly. Also a cautionary tale to be careful of taking scenarios at first glance instead of investigating first. I am left with a strange feeling over Subtle Disaster. Something it will take me a while to digest.

The art in Subtle Disaster is not one of my favorites. It’s almost a bizarre mix of simple with then complex

BOOOM! This page was one of the few dynamic ones.
Most of the art otherwise kinda bombed….

aspects. For example I really was impressed by this page. The lighting with detail against rather bland character look makes the explosion colors pop. This is not the norm though. I understand part of the character is his bland dark look (the other characters complain over it). This provides a contrast to the wild colors of the noisy neighbors upstairs but then we seem to lose much of it. After a while his look just becomes almost as flat as most of the art. Overall it is the storyline which sticks with you because honestly the art is forgettable.

To the Reader

If action means crazy women with metal crowbars
then this manhwa is filled with action

If you are looking for a feel-good comedy then stay away from Subtle Disaster. Initially I thought this manhwa was going to have humorous potential but even with strange ways for noise revenge it fell flat on laughs. These characters get crazy but not in a ‘haha’ type of way. For adventure fans you should look to a manga like Alive-The Final Evolution (read my review) or The New Gate (also check out my review). Subtle Disaster isn’t about a fighting adventure. There’s fighting just not in the typical way.

In August we adopted a rescue dog. My dog
is getting better but it’s a slow process to show
him abuse is not okay and we love him.

I want to also mention this is not a romance. The main character is in a relationship but most of it is spent fighting. Personally I just cannot see a single romantic moment there. Subtle Disaster is also a manhwa I would describe as being for mature readers. Not because of nudity or gore. The swearing (although some of the time they **** it out) is extremely prevalent. After reading half of it I was like f**k this is some crazy sh**. Yes. If I am reading swears/hearing them enough I start getting back into my old habits. You cannot be doing that f***ing sh*t. So be on the awares of the swears (ha it rhymes). The other issue is the aspect of animal abuse. We adopted a rescue dog last month and the poor little guy is still learning to just be a puppy without fear. I ain’t even gonna go into that sh**. 

Don’t take advice from a woman who ‘talks’ out her problems
with a crowbar! Be suspicious of those who manipulate
your feelings so easily.

Now you may say…well who the heck is the manhwa for?! Those who enjoy the drama of human nature should check it out. If you are into the psychology of a human mind it is definitely interesting. Subtle Disaster is a prime example of when humanity is lost in the face of greed. This leads to the final genre recommendation which is for those who seek a tragedy. In many ways the whole manhwa is filled with tragedy but the ending really fits the bill.


Name(s): Subtle Disaster

Artist: Sungho An

Author: Sungho An

Release: 2014

Chapters: 44 

Genre: Drama, Tragedy, Psychological

Status: Ongoing (complete except we are waiting on epilogue chapter)

Webtoon: Yes

Night Exile (Yoru no Kakaku)

Alex wanders the world in search of his lost memories. His aristocratic looks with naive wish for memories of home draw people to him. Some will be kind to the young man’s affliction while others have darker plans. All face judgement when the full moon rises awakening the blood-thirsty monster hidden within Alex’s soul. 

My Thoughts

Beauty easily hides the ugly darkness within

The people in Night Exile (Yoru no Kakaku) are drawn to Alex for his beautiful looks and naive innocence to find memories of the home he longs for. I will admit I was taken in too. How could I not want to help a young man who looks aristocratic yet has the simplest of desires? Not to forget the pity which strikes me at having to imagine life with no memory. I also fell for his charm and forgot one of my most important lessons manga has taught me: if it is to beautiful to be true stay away or you will be the next victim. 

If draining people dry as a vampire were the height of

Alex takes blood like a vampire but only for the memories within

thrill in Night Exile it would fall under major cliche boringness. Akino had a brilliant idea to stand out in a new way I never thought I would experience. Instead of drinking blood for sustenance, Alex does it for the memories. Every full moon gives one night of drinking other’s memories. The next day both he and the victims have no memory of their time together. I wasn’t sure precisely how this scenario was going to work. When I began I assumed each chapter would be almost like another one shot. Every experience new but the overall plot outline the the same.

Blood’s memories do not lie. Careful who you take advantage of.

Night Exile has a beautiful horror in the darkness of people’s manipulations. Some honestly care for the young aristocrat but many prefer to take advantage of an amnesiac. They care more for using greed to gain their heart’s wish. The story ideas are deliciously refreshing. Even when Night Exile begins to become more of a story than one shot there is still the element of manipulation. Easy to play on a person who will not have a memory of what you’ve done to use them.

Night Exile’s initial artwork felt bland with little in the

way of style. The characters looked like just one dimensional line works then a professional manga. I was warry this was going to be the manga quality but Night Exile surprised me. I saw the artist grow with every new chapter. By the end I saw the work of a truly awesome manga artist. 

To the Reader

The unique supernatural in Night Exile

Those looking for a new take on the supernatural vampire-human drama will enjoy where Night Exile is able to take them. Instead of standard blood-letting it is all about the memories within the blood. Victims don’t need to face death to suffer for their sins. Those who love the drama genre will be right at home with Night Exile. There are so many moments of drama. Especially when you are dealing with the dark desires of a human heart. 

Naturally tragedy will always follow such a sad

situation. I can’t see floods of tears but certain moments hold potential for a tear or two. No worries on a horrifically depressing ending either. While I wouldn’t go so far as to claim it is the happiest way to end it; I wouldn’t call the finale darkly tragic either.  Point being, Night Exile is a short but pretty good manga read if you are looking for supernatural with a touch of unusual. It would be really nice if it were longer but what it does with eight chapters is worth reading.


Name(s): Yoru no Kakaku; Night Exile; 夜の過客 ;  暗夜過客 ; 暗夜过客
Author(s): Akino Matsuri
Artist(s): Akino Matsuri
Release: 2004
Chapters: 8
Genre(s): Drama; Supernatural; Tragedy; Historical
Status: Complete
Anime: No